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The Future of Perpetuals Is Here

Leverage on any tokens with a protocol trusted with billions for its price execution, super low fees and reliability.

All-time trade volume


Total Trades


Take full control of your crypto

Built on Ethereum, our non-custodial perpetuals exchange focuses on one thing: being the best execution environment for trades.

Leverage up to 30x

Compoundwith high-yield pools

Super cheap transactions

Best price execution on the market

Low slippage and fees, even on large trades

Fully composable with other DApps

Fully decentralized. Completely secure.

We have all been in this industry too long not to make the security of your funds our absolute top priority.  That’s why, so far, we’ve spent upwards of $450k on audits from Open Zeppelin and Trail of Bits, as well as code reviews from white hats.

Constant reviews and testing of our platform
Your funds are as secure as possible
Fully decentralized and non-custodial
Built by seasoned crypto veterans

Built on ETH. Owned by you.

Unlike Palpatine, we love democracy. That’s why our platform is designed to be governed by you.

Want leveraged exposure on your favorite crypto assets? Get enough people from the Futureswap community to back you and the protocol will automatically add it as an exchange.

Want to passively earn high yields from trade fees and FST rewards? Simply provide stable tokens as liquidity.

Take full advantage of everything Layer 2 has to offer.

Say goodbye to eye-watering gas fees
Get your money in an instant with superfast withdrawals
Stay completely secure with optimistic rollups
Execute your trades instantly
Trade from any device
Gain leveraged exposure on limitless assets 

Come for the memes stay for the protocol.

Sure, having the best price execution on the market is great. But is it better than having a Discord server full of spicy memes? We’re not sure.

Join our community of meme-loving masterminds and get the inside scoop on what’s coming down the pipeline.

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